The life of Christ


Brother Cougan Collins (Minister at Lone Grove Church of Christ in Lone Grove, Oklahoma/USA), has spent much time preparing this Teaching Video Series of lessons, that covers the life of Christ from beginning to end in chronological order. You will definitely want to stock up on highlighters for this Teaching Video Series. We’re not sure when Brother Cougan Collins will end this series of lessons, Please share these lessons with our Brethren, and non-believers, in the hope that they will soon be Baptized into Christ, and be added to The Lord’s Church…

I highly recommend having your Bible available to confirm all The Scriptures in these videos, that support all the information taught by Brother Cougan Collins – God Bless You

The life of Christ

Language: English

This Teaching Video Series is about the life of Christ,

providing evidence for The Word of God and Jesus.

Note: The video order format is: First Lesson to Latest Lesson
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“Christ died for You – What Will You Do For Him”?