The Truth about Christmas

People throughout The World celebrate The Christmas Holiday
Many individuals celebrate this holiday as an holy holiday because that’s how they were brought up. Biblical Baptized Christians who know The Truth about The Christmas Holiday and the fact that the command for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ is no where found on any of the pages of The Bible, do not hold this holiday as an holy holiday, as we only celebrate The Death of Christ, because Jesus Himself commanded us to do so (Luke 24:14-20 KJV)
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Please have your Bible available to confirm all The Scriptures in the videos, that support all the information taught by the Teacher in this video – God Bless You
The Truth about Christmas

Content Provider: World Video Bible School

Language: English | Speaker: Don Blackwell

Would you be surprised to learn that the Bible does not even mention Christmas? Would you further be surprised to learn that the story of Jesus’ birth, as commonly told, is very different from the inspired text? What is a Christian’s responsibility at this time of the year? In this video, Don Blackwell examines the story of the birth of Jesus, exposing the myths and explaining what the Bible really says about Christmas.

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